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Are you looking into taking care of your HEALTH? Are any of your love ones not feeling well and would like to try ALTERNATIVE approach? LOOK NO MORE......

We would like to introduce our consultants, Dr Salvam and Mrs Shuba who are passionately involved in educating people on the importance of wellness. Dr Salvam is a Holistic (Ganotherapist) & Iris (Iridology) consultant. He has more than 10 years experience in iridology. Mrs Shuba who is our wellness consultant has recently completed her Master in Preventive Health, Majoring in Wellness. Both has embark in this field due to their passion in educating people on how to life a healthy lifestyle.


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What is Iridology?

Iridology is the science and study of the iris of the eye and its relationship to the tissues in your body. It is referred to, as a road map to the strengths and weaknesses of all the cells of your body.

The iris reveals your constitutional make-up (genetics), tissue weaknesses (including prolapsed conditions) or strengths, as well as levels of congestion and toxicity (including chemical accumulations). It also reveals the degree to which these obstructions, accumulations and weaknesses are present.

Iridology is not a tool for diagnosing “dis-ease”. Rather, it is utilized to grant the practitioner insights into the general state of health of a person, enabling the practitioner to identify significant tissue weaknesses and toxicity.

If you have pictures taken of your irides before embarking on a proper detoxification program, and then take another set of pictures every 12 months or so, you WILL see gradual changes in the eyes. Changes are not instantaneous. It takes time, and it takes a thorough detoxification program to get things started.

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How to meet and speak to our consultants?

If you are interested to meet and talk to our consultants or if you need further details regarding the consultation, please email us at or drop our consultant a WhatsApp at:

Dr Salvam : +60172773115

Mrs Shuba : +60149350420

Take charge of your HEALTH today for a better TOMORROW!