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You are just 1 step away from a healthy lifestyle!!!!

Want to take CHARGE of your HEALTH? Are any of your love ones not feeling well and would like to try ALTERNATIVE approach? LOOK NO MORE......

We would like to introduce our consultants, Dr Salvam and Ms Shuba who are passionately involved in educating people on the importance of wellness. Both has embark in this field due to their passion in educating people on how to life a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Salvam is a Holistic (Ganotherapist) & Iris (Iridology) consultant. He has more than 10 years experience in iridology. 

Ms Shuba who is our wellness consultant has recently completed her Master in Preventive Health, Majoring in Wellness.

If you are interested to meet and talk to our consultants or if you need further details regarding the consultation, please email us at [email protected] or drop our consultant a WhatsApp at:

Dr Salvam : +6017-2773115 / +6012-68200
Ms Shuba : +6014-9350420

Take charge of your HEALTH today for a better TOMORROW!