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Ceygold Cinnamon Black Tea (25 Tea bag) 50g

RM 8.00

Cinnamon has a spicy and strong flavour and when mix together with Ceylon black tea, it brings you a rich aromatic freshness to it. Enjoy every bit of stimulation that this delightful tea brings to your taste buds and palate all day long. This wholeheartedly processed black tea boasts an infusion of the comforting taste of cinnamon and the delicately balanced pure Ceylon black tea that soothes your mind and soul with only a few sips. 

Directions : 

Step 1 : Place one teabag in a cup (if adding milk, add two tea bags for better flavour)

Step 2 – Pour fresh boiling water

Step 3 – Allow infusion for 3-5 minutes

Step 4 : Add sugar as required

Have it hot or chilled and Enjoy!!!

  • Product of Sri Lanka
  • Superior Quality
  • Halal
  • Net weight 50g (25 bags)